Efficient and Secure Health Management Information System (HMIS)

Rehda Technologies specializes in the professional installation and maintenance of Health Management Information System (HMIS) also known as Electronic Medical Records. Our solution facilitates the organized and secure collection, processing, and storage of patients’ health information in a digital format.

Structured and Protected Patient Data

Rehda Technologies ensures the structured and protected management of patient data through its advanced Electronic Health Records (EHR) service. With our comprehensive system, we enable healthcare providers to securely collect, store, and access patient information, promoting efficient healthcare delivery and safeguarding patient privacy.

Enhanced Efficiency and Data Accessibility

Experience improved efficiency in healthcare operations with Rehda Technologies' Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions. Our systematized collection and sharing of patient health information in a digital format enable seamless access to comprehensive data across different healthcare settings, facilitating informed decision-making and streamlined workflows.

Improved Patient Care and Coordination

Leveraging our advanced EHR solutions, healthcare providers can optimize patient care and coordination by accessing comprehensive and real-time medical records. This availability of up-to-date information, spanning demographics, medical history, medications, allergies, and test results, fosters thorough patient assessment, precise diagnoses, and efficient treatment planning, while seamless information sharing among departments ensures streamlined care coordination and continuity across the care continuum.

Enhanced Data Security and Privacy

At Rehda Technologies, we place utmost importance on the security and privacy of sensitive healthcare data. Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions utilize network-connected and enterprise-wide information systems, incorporating strong security measures to protect patient information from unauthorized access or breaches. We adhere to industry standards and regulations, ensuring a secure environment for storing, accessing, and sharing electronic health records, instilling trust and compliance in patient data management.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Through EHR

Rehda Technologies’ Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions offer healthcare facilities in Nigeria a seamless and efficient way to collect, maintain, and share patient health information. By leveraging network-connected and enterprise-wide information systems, healthcare providers can access a comprehensive range of data, including demographics, medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs, telemedicine, personal statistics, and billing information, enabling them to enhance patient care, improve clinical decision-making, and ensure streamlined workflows with utmost reliability and security.

Importance of Electronic Health Record

Enhance healthcare coordination and minimize medical data errors with Rehda Technologies’ advanced Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. By centralizing health information, authorized individuals gain instant access to comprehensive data, empowering healthcare professionals to make well-informed decisions promptly, streamlining workflow, and optimizing efficiency by reducing administrative tasks and paperwork burden.

Optimized Efficiency
Comprehensive Data
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