Efficient and Flexible School Administration Solution

Empowering Information Management

Our meticulously crafted software enables precise management of student records and facilitates automated computation of examination data and results, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in educational processes.

Efficient Information Management For Schools

Experience streamlined and accurate school computation processes with Rehda Technologies’ advanced school computation software. Our comprehensive solution simplifies data management, automates examination computation, and enhances efficiency, empowering educational institutions to focus on delivering quality education.

Nursery And Primary

Transform your nursery and primary school operations with Rehda Technologies school computation software. With our automated computation of examination data and results, staff management, kids grade feature for parent and guardians, admission management, school marketplace, etc. Streamline your administrative processes and delivering a seamless educational experience.

Secondary Schools

Designed to streamline operations and empower administrators. Our comprehensive solution facilitates seamless payment processing, role and permission assignment, staff management, examination management, admission management, school marketplace, etc.it also effectively manage diverse aspects of secondary school administration, enhancing productivity and organizational efficiency while simplifying complex tasks.

Tertiary Institutions

Flexibility is provided to tertiary school administrators through the utilization of our education software, with Instant access to automatic computation of CGPA, monitoring of failed course(s), up-to-date student records, generation of students' final result sheet, management of student and staff data, etc., are all facilitated by our software. our software can be tailored to align with your administrative processes and deliver the desired outcomes.

School software

Revolutionize Your School Data Through Our School Computation Softaware

Experience improved efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in managing your educational institution’s data and administrative tasks effortlessly. It enables efficient information creation, maintenance, and retrieval, thus ensuring accurate student records and streamlined management. Our user-friendly software is easy to install, learn, and maintain, providing a comprehensive school administration solution that adapts to your unique needs with customizable user-defined data.

Monitor Your Child Academic Progress
Affordable Packages

The following and more are possible with the software platform

  • Instance access to personal and course information of student
  • Automatic computation of CGPA
  • Monitoring of failed course(s)
  • Up-to-date record of student
  • Generation of students’ final result sheet
  • Student and staff data
  • Attendance register/reports
  • Events and calendar management
  • Student and staff portal
  • Fees management and online payment
  • Income and expense management
  • Progress report
  • Numerous other task
Optimized Efficiency
Comprehensive Data
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